The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has developed a more data-driven, objective and collaborative approach to help determine the state’s transportation funding priorities. SHIFT – Strategic Highway Investment Formula for Tomorrow – helps bring balance and dependability to Kentucky’s overprogrammed Highway Plan.


Kentucky’s current six-year Highway Plan includes more than $6 billion in unfunded transportation projects. We need a balanced, prioritized plan to spend limited transportation dollars.


SHIFT uses quantitative data -- measures such as crashes, fatalities, traffic volumes, delays, economic growth – to assess the benefits of planned projects and compare them to each other. The model also includes collaboration with local transportation leaders throughout the process to help shape regional funding priorities.


* Improve safety
* Reduce congestion
* Fuel job growth
* Spend tax dollars wisely
* Preserve our roads and bridges


SHIFT helps determine projects with statewide benefit -- interstates and highways that move people and goods from one Kentucky region to another and to other states. These roadways are part of the National Highway System (NHS).
Using objective data gathered and calculated through SHIFT, KYTC identified 70 projects to be considered for statewide funding in the next Highway Plan. Each project is scored based on the SHIFT criteria.


The next step is setting priorities for regional projects, transportation improvements within each Kentucky region. KYTC organized the 12 state highway districts into four geographic regions, with each region prioritizing projects.

Over the coming weeks, local transportation leaders (Area Development Districts, Metropolitan Planning Organizations and KYTC District Offices) will meet to recommend which projects should be considered as priorities for Highway Plan funding.

The groups will consider more than 1,000 projects across the state that have been scored using SHIFT.


Once local transportation officials have completed their priority ranking, KYTC will use the statewide and regional lists to develop the Governor’s Recommended Highway Plan to be presented to the 2018 General Assembly.

The plan will include funding for projects outside the SHIFT program, including:
* Repair and maintenance projects, such as pavement replacement and bridge replacements
* Federal dedicated projects, such as pedestrian and bike safety improvements and congestion reduction* Metropolitan planning projects, a dedicated funding program for urban areas
* Rural and municipal aid projects, which are administered by city and county governments


External link opens in new tab or windowList of CVADD Sponsored Projects (determined by the CVADD Regional Transportation Committee, KYTC Highway District Offices 8 & 11)
External link opens in new tab or windowList of CVADD Projects of Statewide Importance (determined by KYTC Central Office)
External link opens in new tab or windowList of CVADD Boosted Projects (determined by the CVADD Regional Transportation Committee)

External link opens in new tab or window2018 Recommended Highway Plan from KY Transportation Cabinet