Participant Directed Services Advisors - 1 Full Time & 1 Part Time

Cumberland Valley Area Development District (CVADD) is seeking an applicant to fill two positions of Participant Directed Service Advisor.

Full Time: The employee will be required to work 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM - Monday through Friday.

Part Time: This is a part time position with the potential to move to a full-time position. As part time, the employee will be required to work up to three days per week 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, not to exceed 100 hours per month with a flexible weekly schedule per supervisor's approval.

Under the general direction of the Director of Area Agency on Aging, responsible for performing on-going Participant Directed Coordination for clients that choose Participant Directed Services under the Home and community Based waiver services.

Participant Directed Service Advisor shall meet one of the following qualifications:
• A bachelor's degree in a health or human services field from an accredited college or university; and
• At least one (1) year of experience in a health or human services field; or
• The educational or experiential equivalent in the field of aging or disabilities; or
• Be a registered nurse who has:
• At least two (2) years of experience as a professional nurse in the field of aging or disabilities; or
• A master’s degree in a health or human services field from an accredited college or university.

Essential Job Functions:
• Monitor participants monthly with face-to-face contact made in the participant’s home.
• Conduct face to face home visits with the participant’s representative (if applicable) at least once every three months in the participant’s home.
• Collaborate with participants, representatives, PDS employees, and other community agencies (if applicable) to develop a person-centered plan of care.
• Coordinate with community agencies for blended services.
• Submit person centered plan of care via MWMA
• Submit any other documents required by HPE, DMS, or DAIL via MWMA.
• Modify the person-centered plan of care as the participant’s needs change.
• Coordinate training of consumers and potential employees as required by the program.
• Monitor and inform participants or representatives of the annual requirements of the participant’s employees and representatives.
• Submit appropriate documentation for assessment and reassessment.
• Submit monthly case notes into MWMA.
• Coordinated background checks required for the participant’s employees and representatives.
• Continually monitor participant’s health, safety and welfare.
• Attend training as needed.
• Monthly verification of participant’s use of service units and approve employee time sheets according to the person-centered plan of care.
• Monthly verification of participant’s Medicaid status.
• Complete corrective action plan as needed.
• Complete critical incident reports as needed and submit to DAIL.
• File and maintain records accordingly.
• Submit monthly reports to supervisor.
• Visual acuity to read and prepare reports.
• Perform participant transfers and/or program closures as needed within MWMA.
• Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Special Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Thorough knowledge of social aspects of the counties in the Cumberland Valley Area Development District.
• Thorough knowledge of methods and techniques used in providing and establishing case assessments
• Knowledge and use of computer word processing programs, as well as use of spreadsheet programs
• Knowledge of methods and techniques used in disseminating information to the public in regarding programs and services for the elderly
• Ability to establish and maintain favorable working relationship with employees, committees, councils and with the public
• Ability to organize, prepare files, and maintain records
• Must have the ability to communicate with clients who may be physically or mentally limited or challenged
• Must have good verbal and written communication skills.
• Analytical ability, tact, initiative and resourcefulness.

To Apply:
Mail resume included three (3) references and cover letter to:
Cumberland Valley Area Development District
ATTN: Aaron Banks
P.O. Box 1740
London, KY 40743

The CVADD is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer.