Progress Kentucky


Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Cumberland Valley Area Development District

Table of Contents

I.   Executive Summary

II. Economic Background of the Region

    A. Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats


                        1.         Population Trends

                        2.         Employment

                        3.         Wages & Income

                        4.         Education & Workforce Development 

                        5.         Tourism

                        6.         Industrial Parks

                        7.         Transportation

                        8.         Water & Wastewater

                        9.         Technology

                      10.        Geography & Environment

    B.         Economic Cluster Analysis


     C.         Other Plans and Strategies


III.        Action Plan


IV.        Economic Resilience


V.         Evaluation/Performance Measures



            Appendix A: Regional and County Strategic Project Listing

            Appendix B: Internet Website Directory

            Appendix C: CVADD Staff Roster

            Appendix D: CVADD Committees

            Appendix E: CVADD CEDS Strategy Committee

            Appendix F: Adopting Resolution of the CVADD Board of Directors

            Appendix G: Population Trends

            Appendix H: Employment

            Appendix  I: Wages & Income

            Appendix J:  Education & Workforce Development

            Appendix K:  Tourism

            Appendix L:  Measuring Economic Distress Statistics

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CVADD CEDS 2017 (without appendices)

CVADD CEDS 2017 (with appendices)