Progress Kentucky

2017 Five Year

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

2018 Update

Cumberland Valley Area Development District

Table of Contents

I.   Executive Summary

II. Economic Background of the Region

    A. Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats


                        1.         Population Trends

                        2.         Employment

                        3.         Wages & Income

                        4.         Education & Workforce Development 

                        5.         Tourism

                        6.         Industrial Parks

                        7.         Transportation

                        8.         Water & Wastewater

                        9.         Technology

                      10.        Geography & Environment

    B.         Economic Cluster Analysis


     C.         Other Plans and Strategies


III.        Action Plan


IV.        Economic Resilience


V.         Evaluation/Performance Measures



            Appendix A: Regional and County Strategic Project Listing

            Appendix B: Internet Website Directory

            Appendix C: CVADD Staff Roster

            Appendix D: CVADD Committees

            Appendix E: CVADD CEDS Strategy Committee

            Appendix F: Adopting Resolution of the CVADD Board of Directors

            Appendix G: Population Trends

            Appendix H: Employment

            Appendix  I: Wages & Income

            Appendix J:  Education & Workforce Development

            Appendix K:  Tourism

            Appendix L:  Measuring Economic Distress Statistics

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CVADD CEDS 2018 Update (without appendices)

CVADD CEDS 2018 Update (with appendices)