The Kentucky Legislature authorized the creation of the Kentucky Family Caregiver Support Program (KFCSP) in 2006.  Statistics show that 2.4 million grandparents are "grandparent caregivers", defined by the U.S. Census as people who hold primary responsibilities of their grandchildren younger than age 18, yet do not receive any financial assistance or supports in caring for them.  The primary objective of the program is to recognize the role grandparents are playing in their grandchildren's lives and within the community.

Services the Kentucky Family Caregiver Support Program may provide on a limited basis include:
Supportive Assistance
Information and Resources
Supplemental Services/Financial Assistance
Counseling/Training/Support Groups
Eligibility Requirements for Kentucky Family Caregiver Support Program
Must be a Kentucky resident;
Primary caregiver for a grandchild under the age of 18
Must be related to the grandchild by birth, marriage, or adoption through the parent;
Cannot be receiving a payment from kinship care;
Cannot have an annual household income that exceeds 150 percent of the federal poverty guideline;
Shall not reside in the same home as the grandchild's parent(s) or reside in a home owned by the grandchild's parent(s)
All grandparents requesting services through the KFCSP will be pre-screened for eligibility.  After the initial pre-screening, applications will be scheduled at the discretion of the coordinator.
Kentucky Family Caregiver Support Program Waiting List
If funding for requested services is not available,a waiting list will be implemented.  It is at the discretion of the KFCSP Coordinator and AAA Director to recognize any crisis situations which may need immediate attention.
Kentucky Family Caregiver Support Program Counseling, Support Groups, and Training
The KFCSP will provide assistance with support groups, counseling, and training.
Supplemental Services

 An eligible grandparent may receive supplemental services through the KFCSP which may include financial assistance with the following items:

  • Child Clothing

  • Respite assistance for grandparent;

  • Educational supplies or assistance;

  • Required legal services, excluding unlawful activity;

  • Medical and dental services, excluding co-pays and premiums;

  • Any other services authorized by the Cumberland Valley AAA/DAIL.

The Kentucky Family Caregiver Support Program will utilize vouchers as a way for grandparents to access supplemental services.
Determination for services are made on a first come first serve basis, funding is limited.
For more information contact Aging and Disability Resource Center at 606-877-5763 or 1-844-213-9676

Updated 12/1/2018